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Sales Seminars

Sales Associate Development: Any of the continuing education classes can be designed as sales seminars.

In addition we offer:

  1. Take Control: Personal Business Planning
  2. The Market’s Talking: Are We Listening?
  3. Buyer Counseling: Separating the Serious From the Curious
  4. We Do It Every Day... They Don’t: Keys to Effective Communication
  5. Creating Your Niche

Management Development:

  1. Creating Your Office Strat Plan
  2. No More Revolving Door: Selective Recruiting
  3. No More Revolving Door: Now Let’s Keep Them!
  4. Developing Your Team
  5. Blueprint for Success
  6. Creating and Implementing Your Office Fair Housing Policy

Career Enhancement:

  1. Communications & Leadership Workshop
  2. Success Is Not An Accident
  3. Effective Speaking Skills


  1. Leadership Training
    Whether it’s your state - local - or company leadership team - these programs are sure to get them working together.
  2. Some Years Are Longer Than Others
    A look at the unique working relationship between the EVP, the President and the leadership team.
  3. The Art of Leadership
    Explores the synergism between the board of directors, the committee chairs, the committee members, the staff and the members at large focusing on handling change and achieving goals.
  4. Managing the Staff-Volunteer Balance
    This sessions focuses on helping the association executive deal with the delicate balance between the staff and the volunteer leadership, explores the differences between staff and volunteer driven associations, the benefits and pitfalls of each as well as the benefits of a balanced leadership association.

Some of these are perfect for keynote, luncheons or special occasions.

Do you have a question about these courses? Contact Us for more information now!

Courses & Classes - Pro Standards

NAR requires all REALTORS have Code of Ethics Training. We have two courses ready - one for new members and one for experienced agents - both are NAR compliant and have been approved for CE in some states.

For Grievance and Pro Standards Committees

  1. So... You’re The Chairman
    A program designed primarily for panel Chairmen but assists all panel members to understand the issues that come up at a hearing and how to handle them.
  2. The Pro-Standards Process
    This full day program takes the participants through the entire professional standards process - perfect for your first time pro standards and grievance members and a great refresher for the seasoned members.
  3. The Grievance Process - The Ethics Process - The Arbitration Process
    These three programs are designed to train the committee members on their responsibilities, duties and the overall professional standards process. They can be adjusted to fit 1/2 day and full day formats.

For the Entire Membership

  1. Who Shook the Tree - Who Gathered the Nuts?
    Explores the issue of procuring cause from the practical on-the-street view as well as what happens in the pro standards process.
  2. Right or Wrong - It’s a Matter of Ethics
    Looks at the application of ethical reasoning in our day-to-day decision making process and how conflicts can arise even for those who try to stay on the right side of the law and the Code.
  3. The Code of Ethics' Impact on Your Business
    The majority of Realtors® who find themselves involved in a pro standards hearing are there because they didn’t know what was in the Code rather than they ignored it. Join us as we discuss the Code -not just as a document - but as it pertains to our daily business.
  4. Pathways to Professionalism: Respect and Cooperation
    This session looks at the Pathways to Professionalism recommended guidelines put out by NAR and how they work with the actual Code of Ethics to enhance the Realtors® professionalism

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