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Courses & Classes - Illinois CE 30-HOUR POST-LICENSE COURSE

Fundamentals of Excellence

Who: Newly licensed agents need to complete a 30-hour post-license course in their first renewal period

What: The 30-hour Fundamentals of Excellence course - taught by Lynn or Lori Cox - is what you need to get up and running quickly. You will also receive GRI Course One credit.

Day 1: Agency Issues, Preparing CMA's, Effective Listing Presentations, Marketing Basics, Handling Objections

Day 2: Short Sale Process, Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosure Process, Fair Housing Issues, Antitrust Compliance

Day 3: Buyer Agency Issues, Buyer Agency Agreements, Showing Property, Procuring Cause, Handling Objections

Day 4: Contract Preparation, Multiple and Contemporaneous Offers, Earnest Money Issues, Negotiating Principles and Strategies

When: Now - not 18 months from now. The right 30-hour class will prepare you to list and sell real estate and minimize your risk


Contact us to schedule a Post License Course that does more than re-teach what was taught in the pre-license course. Our agents need to know what to do to be successful in the real estate business. That was what the 30-hour course was designed to do - and we have designed one that does exactly that. 



Broker Management - BME-1804      New for 2018 - 2019

We have taken the basic course developed for all IAR instructors and amped it up! Included are actual options that brokers can choose to develop a functioning, workable, risk-management based company policy. It's designed to make you - the managing broker - think about your responsibilities and make


COR-16021 – Core A – Return to Runamuck Realty – The Final Episode

The last time we visited Runamuck they were being sued and in trouble with IDFPR. Let’s look at them again to see if they’ve learned their lessons (hint – probably not!). This course looks at the areas of the license law that make agents most vulnerable and how to avoid the problems.

COR-1614 - Core A – Sellers Real World License Law and Agency

When assisting our sellers through one of the most important transactions of their lives it is critical that we know how to perform our duties to prepare them. This course prepares the licensees to fulfill their duties to their clients by giving them top level service required by the law by looking at actual situations and analyzing how to handle them.

COR-1615 - Core A – Buyers Real World License Law and Agency

Reading the license law is one thing – understanding how it plays out in the day-to-day marketplace is another. This course looks at how a licensee works with buyers and applies basic license law concepts to their business practices by analyzing actual situations and applying real-life answers.

COR-1675 – Core A – It’s Time For a Checkup

This fast-paced game-show structured course has the participants choosing the right answer – or attempting to! We’ll look at license law issues, agency concerns, escrow requirements as well as fair housing rules to – hopefully – reinforce that you’re doing everything correctly!

COR-16022 – Core B – Agency in Action

OK. Let’s do more with the agency disclosures than simply disclose. Let’s make sure the clients understand
WHAT we are disclosing – WHY we are disclosing and let’s use it to create a base for our client-agent relationship.

COR-1606 - Core B - Risk Management Remix for Today’s Market

This course will test your knowledge of the forms and contracts we use every day and prepare you to give the level of service required as an agent of either your buyer or seller.

COR-1657 - Core B: When in Doubt – Disclose

Practical application scenarios are used to illustrate the importance of disclosure in all areas of our business. Includes information on the CFPB TRID changes and the agent’s responsibility in the disclosure of the new process to the buyers to ensure they understand how the new rules affect the transaction.

COR-16004 – Core B: Duties and Disclosure Transaction Guide

The game board is your transaction and what we do can make the difference between getting to the end – the closing – and going back to ‘start’. Are you sure you are making all the proper disclosures and performing all the required duties throughout the entire transaction? We will walk through a typical real estate transaction and explore the duties to the client as well as disclosures that are required to ensure that the clients are receiving everything they need – and everything we are required to give!


RD-955 - Game Changer: 3 Things that Can Make or Break your Transaction

There are situations in every real estate transaction where the agent’s knowledge can change the game! This course looks at a hat-trick of critical points.

  • Negotiating, especially in a multiple offers
  • The home inspection process
  • How to work with the appraiser

RB-744 – The Market Says: Pricing Property Primer

Whether we are representing buyers or sellers one of our most important jobs is doing an accurate CMA and communicating that to the clients. We’ll look at the steps involved in choosing the right comps, what creates value, how to effectively work with the appraisers and what to do if it doesn’t appraise!

RD-938 - Game One: Getting to Closing: Why Deals Don’t Close and What We Can Do About It

Our job is not done when we have an accepted contract – we have to get it to the closing table! This course looks at the common reasons we never get there and what we can do about them. We will cover contract issues, preparing the clients and – whose job is it to do what?!? Result: More successful closed transactions means more satisfied clients and more money in your pocket.

RB-718 – Compensation Issues: Who Shook the Tree? Who Gathered the Nuts?

In many cases when there are arguments over commissions there was a breach of duty to the client somewhere along the line – but then again – maybe not! We will look at procuring cause situations as well as how license law violations of disclosure and statutory duties may – or may not – have a bearing on who gets paid as well as look at situations where there may have been no offer of compensation even made! All this could have an effect on our clients and we will explore how to resolve the issues before they involve our buyers and sellers. Result: Knowing when you are entitled to commission – when you are not – how to ensure you get paid and what to do when you don’t.

AGY-408 – Buyer Agency Agreements: If Not Now – When?

Why should we use a buyer agency agreement? Why should a buyer sign one? What responsibilities does the brokerage firm have in the enforcement of the agreement? When should we get them signed? What if the buyer won’t sign? We will look at the pros and cons of using buyer rep agreements and discuss the contents and how to communicate the issues to the buyers. Result: Fewer buyers running you around in circles and buying with someone else.

RD-945 – Today’s Buyers and Sellers: What They Need to Know – MRED Associations Only

The MLS has amazing statistical information that may be one of the most under-utilized assets we have available to us. This course takes information available from Agent Metrics, Info Sparks and other MLS programs and shows you how to use it to communicate the current, accurate market conditions to your clients. Result: More saleable listings and realistic buyer offers.

RB -746 – Elements of a Contract

Using the local association contract as a base, we will explore the nuances of the contract as well as the universal concepts of sound contract writing. Result: Fewer fall-through transactions, more accepted contracts, fewer problems – more closings!

RB-707 – Pitfalls & Possibilities: Presenting & Negotiating Contracts

This is what it all comes down to. You can have all the listings you can handle and all the buyers you have time for and absolutely no income if you do not understand the rules and nuances of presenting and negotiating contracts. Using the Code of Ethics as a base, we will explore the problems and concerns in the presentation of offers and the proper way to handle the negotiation through to the signing of the contract. Result: More accepted transactions. 

RD-922 – Versatility: Personality Style Communications

This course explores the ability to adapt to the needs and wants of our clients during one of the most important decisions people make in their lives. By understanding their own personality style and observing the behavior and traits of their clients, agents can assist the clients in their home buying and selling needs with a greater degree of comfort for the clients – and more positive outcomes for the agents. Results: More satisfied clients – more money in your pocket.

ETH-1510 - Code of Ethics for the DR: Professionalism Starts Here – fulfills NAR requirement

With emphasis on how Managing Broker’s need to oversee what their agents are doing, this course is beneficial to everyone. We will look at practical application of the Code through situational analysis of the most common complaints. We also cover Mediation, the Ombudsman program and the Citation Program for a better understanding of how to resolve issues without going to a hearing.

ETH-1512 – Code of Ethics – It’s Good Business

The Code is our blueprint for professional, ethical behavior and it’s required for all REALTORS. We will cover the most recent changes to the Code as well as practical application of the Code in typical situations and analyze how situations could have been handled differently. We will cover the new Citation Program as well as the elements of professionalism in Pathways to Professionalism. Result: PROFESSIONALISM with fewer – or more if needed – complaints being filed.


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