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Courses & Classes - Sales & Management

GRI Programs:

  1. Risky Business
  2. Fair Housing/Diversity
  3. Pro's and Con's of Buyer Agency Agreements
  4. When in Doubt - Disclose
  5. Versatility: More Sales - Less Stress
  6. Ethical Reasoning
  7. Code of Ethics
  8. Goal Setting & Time Management

Sales Seminars

Sales Associate Development: Any of the continuing education classes can be designed as sales seminars.

In addition we offer:

  1. Take Control: Personal Business Planning
  2. The Market’s Talking: Are We Listening?
  3. Buyer Counseling: Separating the Serious From the Curious
  4. We Do It Every Day... They Don’t: Keys to Effective Communication
  5. Creating Your Niche

Management Development:

  1. Creating Your Office Strat Plan
  2. No More Revolving Door: Selective Recruiting
  3. No More Revolving Door: Now Let’s Keep Them!
  4. Developing Your Team
  5. Blueprint for Success
  6. Creating and Implementing Your Office Fair Housing Policy

Career Enhancement:

  1. Communications & Leadership Workshop
  2. Success Is Not An Accident
  3. Effective Speaking Skills


  1. Leadership Training
    Whether it’s your state - local - or company leadership team - these programs are sure to get them working together.
  2. Some Years Are Longer Than Others
    A look at the unique working relationship between the EVP, the President and the leadership team.
  3. The Art of Leadership
    Explores the synergism between the board of directors, the committee chairs, the committee members, the staff and the members at large focusing on handling change and achieving goals.
  4. Managing the Staff-Volunteer Balance
    This sessions focuses on helping the association executive deal with the delicate balance between the staff and the volunteer leadership, explores the differences between staff and volunteer driven associations, the benefits and pitfalls of each as well as the benefits of a balanced leadership association.
  5. Be Ahead of the Curve
    This program looks at the educational challenges of the Realtors and what the association's role is.

Some of these are perfect for keynote, luncheons or special occasions.

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