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Courses & Classes - Illinois CE

Core Courses


Fundamentals of Excellence

Who: Newly licensed agents need to complete a 30-hour post-license course in their first renewal period

What: The 30-hour Fundamentals of Excellence course - taught by Lynn or Lori Cox - is what you need to get up and running quickly.  You will also receive GRI Course One credit.
  • Day 1:  Agency Issues, Preparing CMA's, Effective Listing Presentations, Marketing Basics, Handling Objections
  • Day 2:  Short Sale Process, Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosure Process, Fair Housing Issues, Antitrust Compliance
  • Day 3:  Buyer Agency Issues, Buyer Agency Agreements, Showing Property, Procuring Cause, Handling Objections
  • Day 4:  Contract Preparation, Multiple and Contemporaneous Offers, Earnest Money Issues, Negotiating Principles and Strategies
When:  Now - not 18 months from now.  The right 30-hour class will prepare you to list and sell real estate and minimize your risk

Contact us to schedule a Post License Course that does more than re-teach what was taught in the pre-license course.  Our agents need to know what to do to be successful in the real estate business.  That was what the 30-hour course was designed to do - and we have designed one that does exactly that. 


Broker Management - BME-1801      New for 2012-2013
We have taken the basic course developed for all IAR instructors and amped it up!  Included are actual options that brokers can choose to develop a functioning, workable, risk-management based company policy.  It's designed to make you - the managing broker - think about your responsibilities and make decisions that are the best for your agents and your company - both from a 'bottom-line' perspective and for minimizing risk. For those who hold the Managing Broker license but do not currently manage - pretty much everything in the course will help YOU do the same for your personal business - make more money and stay out of trouble.  Don't attend it you're not ready to make the tough decisions.


Residential Rentals: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You - COR-1616 (B)   NEW FOR 2012-2013
Today's market has created new 'norms' and leasing residential property is one of them.  Whether you do only one lease transaction a year or are doing property management as part of your business plan you need to know the legal and ethical responsibilities of representing landlords and tenants to not only follow the rules and stay out of trouble but to fulfill your duties to your clients.

Top 10 Short Sales Issues and What We Can Do About Them - COR-1688 (B)  NEW FOR 2012-2013 - Includes August 2012 FHFA Guidelines
The rules may be changing for how the banks handle short sales but some things don't change - and our duties in the transaction have remained pretty constant.  Join us to review the Top 10 reasons short sales are failing or are difficult - from the REALTOR side of the transaction - to assist your clients and get more short sales closed.

Time for a Checkup - COR-1675 (A)
Make an appointment for a 'checkup' to be sure you are on top of what the license law and agency requirements are relative to issues in today's market. A bit of prevention to ensure you are handling escrow funds and contracts on distressed properties correctly as well as a shot or two of info on the protocols of submitting offers, Minimum Services as well as commission issues may be a review - but it's a whole lot better than the 'medicine' you'll need if you don't know how to handle these situations

Risk Management Remix - COR-1606(B)
Staying on top of the changes and challenges in today's real estate market is hard. This course gives the licensee an update on some of today's challenges in contract writing and closing the transaction, distressed property issues, RESPA changes, disclosure and more.

Will the Defendant Please Rise: Agency & Escrow - COR-1650 (A)
Join us as we explore agency's fine points - duties to clients - responsibilities to customers - when to do dual (when not to!) as well as look at escrow case studies - all with an emphasis on risk reduction.

Return to Runamuck Realty: Agency, License Law & Escrow - COR-1665 (A) 
Just when you thought you'd heard it all - along comes Runamuck Realty where their motto is "The End Justifies the Means" and putting themselves first is their priority. Through case studies will will look at agency, license law and escrow violations and analyze what went wrong - and what should have happened. Included will be scenarios on: short sales, REO's, advertising, negotiating, earnest money and broker responsibilities.

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You: Antitrust and Fair Housing - COR-1649 (B)
It's not always what you say that causes you problems - it's how you say it. Through video examples of what to do - and what not to do - we'll look at two of the areas of real estate that can cause them to come for you - when you thought you were one of the good guys!

Elective Courses

The Code of Ethics: It's Good Business - ETH-1512   Meets NAR requirements for Code training
Fulfilling your requirement for NAR's Ethics training, we'll look at the Code and it's impact on our profession. From soliciting for business, duties to our clients, presenting and negotiating contracts to commission issues, join us as we take a look at the Code 'from the street'.

Game On:  Getting To Closing - RD-938     New for 2012-2013
Our job is not over when we get an accepted contract.  Too many transactions are not closing - and we're not talking about just short sales!  Join us to discuss the reasons why transactions are not closing and what we as REALTORS can do to prepare our clients - and ourselves - for the entire process.  If we know where the problems are - we can put plans in place to take care of them before they cause the deal to fall through.

Compensation Issues:  Who Shook The Tree? Who Gathered the Nuts? - RB-718    New for 2012-2013
We work to hard not to get paid - but it's amazing how often our comission disputes are affecting not only us but the clients as well.  We'll look at all forms of arbitration disputes - from procuring cause to not getting paid what's in the MLS as well as the disclosures required to each other and the clients regarding compensation.  We know the clients come first - but we don't have to work for nothing!

Buyer Agency Agreements:  If Not Now - When? - AGY-408    New for 2012-2013
You wouldn't take a listing without a listing agreement - why are you working with buyers without a buyer representation agreement?  Join us to explore the terms of a buyer agency agreement with an emphasis on how to explain everything to the buyer - and get the buyer to 'buy-in'.  Come with an open mind - and a commitment to working smarter - not harder!

Today's Buyers and Sellers:  What They Need to Know - RD-945  Specific to Associations who are part of MRED
Today's buyers and sellers come armed with information - but information is not the same as knowledge. We need to educate our clients and it all starts with us understanding the market and learning how to communicate the facts, data and statistics in a way that today's clients can quickly comprehend. We'll cover what they need to know as well as how we explain it and you'll walk away with information you can use with your clients to educate them on the home buying and selling process. 

Dual Agency: Duties in Conflict - AGY-451
By studying actual cases, we'll explore the latest issues arising out of dual agency, including disclosure, duties, Ministerial Acts and what NOT to do when representing both parties in a transaction - all with a focus on adding to your bottom line.

Elements of a Contract - RB-746
Our responsibility for writing solid contracts that protect our clients interest is one of the most important duties we have. Yet, too often transactions fall apart because of poorly written - or poorly understood - contracts. We'll look at the basic concepts of writing good offers that protect our clients and minimize our risk.

Pitfalls & Possibilities: Presenting & Negotiating Contracts - RB-707
The impact on your productivity of not knowing what your responsibilities and duties are in the important step of presenting and negotiating your clients' offers is dramatic. This course looks at the Code of Ethics for the guidelines we need to help our buyers and sellers in negotiating and through case studies we'll explore common difficult situations and how to resolve them
Agency in Action - AGY-411
Which forms do I use?  When do I use them?  How do I explain agency to my buyers and sellers?  What's the difference between my agency duties and ministerial acts?  What the heck are contemporaneous offers?  If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions then this class is for you.  Through case studies and scenarios we'll look at how agency affects almost every aspect of your transaction.1

Lynn is also available to teach:

  • REBAC ABR Designation Program
  • NEW - UPDATED - SFR Certification Program
  • NEW - HAFA Program
  • NEW - BPO: The Agent's Role in Pricing Properties
  • Working with the Relocation Buyer (REBAC)
  • The New Construction Buyer (REBAC)
  • e-PRO (REBAC)
  • Effective Negotiating (REBAC/WCR)
  • SRS Designation
  • SRES Designation
  • At Home With Diversity
  • RPR - REal-time Data, Market Knowledge = Informed Consumers


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