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Courses & Classes - General CE

Although all Illinois CE classes can be adapted for other states, these are additional available courses.

  1. Versatility: Meeting and Exceeding Client Needs
    Technology is important, but being relating to the clients is critical. This course gives the licensee insight into their selling style, the buying style of the clients and ways to adapt to the clients needs.
  2. What Were You Thinking?
    Sometimes that’s the only thing you can say when you hear the things some agents say and do. Join us while we look at situations agents have gotten themselves into - and explore what they should have done differently.
  3. From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl: Cultural Diversity
    By analyzing recent studies and polls we will look at how the needs of buyers differ - or stay the same - depending on their ethnic or cultural differences. This course helps today’s agent understand not only why we need to embrace diversity, but gives them some concrete guidelines for working with multi-cultural clients.
  4. Procuring Cause: Who Shook the Tree? Who Gathered the Nuts?
    Updated with NAR’s latest guidelines and checklists, join us for a frank discussion of our commissions - how we get paid, who’s responsible for paying us, and what we do if there’s a dispute. Through video presentation, case studies and group discussion, we’ll examine the legal, as well as the practical issues involved with procuring cause.
  5. Duties in Conflict: Handling the In-House Transaction
    This course explores the latest issues surrounding in-house transactions including disclosure, duties and when - and when not - to represent both parties. Whether you do dual agency, single agency or transactional brokerage, we will tailor the class to your legal requirements and cover the issues involved in selling your own company's listings.
  6. To Sign or Not to Sign: The Pros and Cons of Buyer Agreements
    Are you using buyer representation agreements? Do you want to? Do you need to? Why should you? What are the benefits? Why would the buyer sign? Want answers? Join us for a discussion of these and other issues surrounding the use of buyer representation agreements.
  7. Counseling Today’s Buyer: Prospects - Suspects or Rejects?
    This course provides you with tools and techniques to counsel and qualify potential buyers to prepare them for the buying process, create buyer loyalty and separate the prospects from the suspects and rejects.
  8. Counseling Today’s Seller
    This course gives you tools and techniques to handle questions like: What do the sellers need to know about the marketing of their property? How important is it to price the property properly? Does it make a difference if it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? How do you communicate all of this to your sellers?
  9. The Buck Stops Here: A Few Things Every Broker Needs to Know
    Brokers today, more than ever, need to re-think their responsibilities in the day-to-day running of their offices. This course looks at some common risk management concerns for broker/owner/managers.
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